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Villa Oeiras

The fortified wines of the Carcavelos DO (1908) were world famous in the 18th and 19th centuries, mostly produced from the Marquês of Pombal’s estate around Oeiras. During the 20st century, the area suffered serious depletion to the point of near extinction from Lisbon’s urban sprawl.

In 2001 the Municipality of Oeiras rescued and has protected the winery and vineyards and now manage 18 hectares of vines, making them the region’s leading producer. The committed and enthusiastic team, led by Alexandre Lisboa, have maintained the respect for the wine’s traditions, exploring the essence of this unique terroir and grapes. These wines are now winning many deserved awards. Visit the historic cellars and tasting room at the Palácio do Marquês in Oeiras.
Alexandre Eurico Lisboa
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Villa Oeiras

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