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The b.f.t. 2018

2018 brochure2018 saw 50 producers showing a total of 290 wines covering a large range of fortified styles including Port, Madeira, Sherry, Alentejo, Banyuls, Moscatel de Setúbal and fortified wines from Australia. A number of Port producers including Sandeman and Quevedo presented their 2016 vintage Ports giving visitors an early opportunity to taste the new vintage being released later in the year.

You can read a full review of the 2018 show here. Some of our favourite images from the show are available to view below. We also had a nice chat with Sarah Ahmed.


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GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0005
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0007
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0011
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0012
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0017
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0022
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0023
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0027
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0030
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0032
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0035
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0040
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0051
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0056
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0059
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0063
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0066
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0074
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0079
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0092
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0108
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0125
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0135
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0149
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0169
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0176
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0194
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A0207
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9365
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9370
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9395
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9431
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9442
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9448
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9459
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9481
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9482
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9484
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9492
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9494
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9513
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9515
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9528
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9534
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9539
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9543
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9547
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9549
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9577
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9585
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9593
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9612
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9618
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9622
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9633
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9635
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9650
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9654
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9672
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9673
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9678
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9680
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9686
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9695
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9700
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9709
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9726
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9729
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9741
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9746
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9753
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9758
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9763
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9776
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9785
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9787
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9802
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9803
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9818
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9822
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9824
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9829
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9830
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9841
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9856
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9864
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9878
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9914
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9935
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9937
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9948
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9949
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9961
GGUNSTONE180510 2A0A9989

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