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Tierras de Mollina

Tierras de Mollina is a young company, founded in 1993, but that is simply the latest step in a line stretching back centuries. We have a wealth of winemaking tradition behind us. Malaga, also known as Mountain wine in the 19th century, had an illustrious past and was considered by many to be equal to the other famous wines of that era. At Tierras de Mollina we hope to recapture some of that magic and we are proud to be custodians of soleras which date back to 1809. We hope we can do their original owners, the Scholtz family, proud. Our solera wines, the añejo and trasañejo, along with our natural sweet wine have been gathered under the Carpe Diem label, which we are showing today. All these wines fall under the Málaga denomination of origin.

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