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Quinta da Devesa

Quinta da Devesa carries a long history. In 1844, the well-known Barão Forrester, included this property in what was the first map of the Douro Demarcated Region. But the most important history of this property began in the last century, in 1941, when the Fortunato family acquired the property. The Quinta is run by current owner Helena Macedo Cunha and her husband, João. Quinta da Devesa continues today to be an independent family company, oriented towards the future.

The property is on the boundaries of the Baixo and Cima Corgo sub-regions, in the parish of Canelas.
From the top of the vineyards and the imposing terraces it is possible to observe the connection of the two rivers, the Douro and Corgo, embraced by the surrounding hills and valley.

In total, Quinta da Devesa has 34 hectares of vineyards planted at altitudes between 50m and 500m, with North / South / West exposures, giving the winemaker — Luís Rodrigues — many different options to work with. This allows many hours of sunshine in the vineyards facing south to be balanced by the freshness guaranteed by the northerly orientation. All of this is favourable to guarantee different maturation levels over time, allowing better management of the harvest. All wines from Quinta da Devesa are produced only with grapes from the estate.
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