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At Pedrino, we are passionate about creating the perfect spritz: a drink made with only the best, all-natural, exacting ingredients and proportions. So we’ve been on a Grand Tour of the Mediterranean to bring you a range of terrace-ready spritzers.

To create our range of Pedrino Spritzers, we have raided the drinks cabinets of Spain, Portugal and Italy to marry award winning origin-protected fortified wines Sherry, Port and Vermouth with our artisanal tonic water; hand-made with citrusy botanicals and signature bitters.

Choose from a trio of tastes; Classic, Subtle and Sharp, for a refreshingly original way to start your occasion.

  • Sherry & Tonic Spritz 200ml 5.5% abv
    Citrusy, bitter and sweet. Stone fruits, raisins and orange blossom.
  • Ruby & Tonic Spritz 200m 5.5% abv
    Fresh, tangy and moreish. Red berries, plum and bitter lemon.
  • Vermouth & Tonic Spritz 5.5% abv
    Herby, natural and dry. Melon, floral botanicals and grapefruit.

Our original Pedrino Spritz recipe is lighter than traditional apéritifs and lets you ease into your occasion.

Because the first drink matters! Our original spritz recipe guarantees a perfect spritz, every time.

  • EFFORTLESSLY IMPRESSIVE; Just pour over ice. Add garnish for maximum effect.
  • TERRACE–READY; Sun-soaked attitude to send you back to your holidays.
  • THE LIGHTER SPRITZ ;At just 5.5% abv Pedrino lets you ease into the occasion.
  • START IN STYLE; Perfect at aperitivo time, with nibbles on the side.

Pedrino is a versatile serve:

  •  Perfect Serve; Simply pour Pedrino over ice and ad a citrus garnish. Fast and sophisticated.
  •  G&T Enhancer; Mix Pedrino with gin and ice and add a citrus garnish. Easy and high-end.
  •  Cocktail transformer; Swap-out heavy spirits with Pedrino and re-imagine classic cocktails. Light and sparkling.

Start with a Pedrino Spritz – the perfect drink to mark the beginning of something special.
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