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Noble & Murat

Noble & Murat’s winery is located in "Quinta do Bragão", on the outskirts of Celeirós do Douro in the heart of the top vineyard area of the Pinhão valley. The Port house started in 1831 but was acquired by Alexandre Antas Botelho and António Borges Taveira in June 2012, breathing new life into it.

Both partners of Noble & Murat, Lda. are descendants of families long associated with the world of Port. The family names appear in historic Douro wine export and shipment documents dating back to the 16th century. Both families participated in some of the top wines bottled by the best known Port shippers until 2004.

Noble & Murat produces Port wine from grapes grown in 6 vineyards, 3 of which are owned by the firm's partners. The top quality vineyards in the Pinhão and Tedo valleys of the Cima Corgo sub-region give access to a diversity of microclimates, constantly monitored and controlled. The process of wine production and vinification is traditional and entirely manual, which the partners believe to be the approach that most respects the grapes and terroir. The company has a strong and evident commitment to superior quality Port wine in the special categories. Wine which is natural, respectful, authentic, without artifice and with a strong identity and character. Serious Port wines whose consistency the future will surely ensure. The Late Bottled Vintage Ports are made as Vintage quality wines but with extended barrel aging to give a more balanced and rounded wine – a wine which can be cellared for decades to develop the flavours of a mature Port.

Noble & Murat is a project growing from the Douro's viticulture roots.

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