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Maynard's Port

Maynard’s is named after the first established English Port wine shipper in Oporto. The Maynard’s brand honours the story of the late Walter Maynard, born in 1652, an illustrious ancestor of the van Zeller family through his marriage to Dorothea Augusta Kopke, recorded as one of the first traders to ever export Port wine to England. The brand has a premium positioning evident in every detail, from the selection of wines to the final presentation of the product itself, particularities that make all the difference, the paradigm of a unique product with centuries of tradition.

Palmer's is the flagship brand of Fernando and Alvaro Van Zeller's Vinihold's company. Samuel Palmer, a late ancestor of the Van Zeller family - once owner of Casa de Malladas - was a maverick and a remarkable icon in the trade of high-quality Port Wine to England. Paying attention to every single detail, the Van Zeller family have carefully aged their wines in the highest quality oak casks to ensure that they mature these rare elixirs as Samual Palmer once wanted them to be.
Fernando van Zeller
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