Martha’s Wines & Spirits

Located in the Douro valley, the history of Martha’s goes back to 1727 when the family established themselves as grape farmers in the Baixo Corgo, Douro.

With a great knowledge of the region, the generations that followed embarked on a journey of producing elegant and rich wines.
Wine is made through an ancient and complex method that requires careful handling. By being a family owned company, Martha’s is able to control and handle each wine with care and attention to detail.

Bottled into charming and modern bottles, Martha’s wines express their passion for the land, the Douro river, the vines, the wine and the wine making process.


  • S. João de Lobrigos
  • Portugal
Rita Marta
+351 254 828 095
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Martha’s Wines & Spirits
Martha’s Wines & Spirits
Martha’s Wines & Spirits