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CAF Madeira Vintners

CAF was established on April 2 1951 as a wholesaler of products and services for the regional development of agriculture. In 2012, CAF created the MADEIRA VINTNERS brand. This was done partly to support Madeiran grape farmers by giving them a new market and partly to become the first new producer of Madeira since 1946.

MADEIRA VINTNERS is an exclusively female team who manage relationships with the grape farmers, technical decisions, winemaking, control and selection, production and marketing. Everything is carried out by the hands of women. Our success has been recognised by a number of awards including the Great Diamond award at the “Vino y Mujer” competition in Madrid, gold medal from the Challenge International du Vin and gold medal from “Portugal Wine Trophy”.

Lisandra Gonçalves
+351 291702440
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CAF-Cooperativa Agricola do Funchal, Crl
Caminho de Sao Martinho, 56

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