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La Coume del Mas

This is a 10 hectatre property owned by Philippe and Nathalie Gard.  Philippe was joined by English winemaker Andy Cook a few years ago and the estate goes from strength to strength The vines are situated on a number of small parcels on the high terraces. Some overlook the sea, others are situated more inland.  The vines are in many cases very old – up to 100 years- and are very low-yielding; the wines are tight and concentrated but without losing their balance. The estate makes both unfortified (Collioure) wines and fortified Banyuls but the winemaking philosophy is similar for both: to retain as much as possible of the fresh fruit character found in the grapes. Additions of spirit for the Banyuls wines are lower than for many other producers in order for the wines to retain this freshness.
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3 Rue Alphonse Daudet
66650 Banyuls-sur-Mer

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