Filipa Pato

“For five generations the Pato family has been dedicated to making wines in Bairrada. The common philosophy to all generations is the focus on innovation of viticulture and enology in each crop, a relentless search for the perfection of our wines based on  the grape variety Baga- our diva! Passionate for the wine and the traditional indigenous grape varieties, I started a project in 2001 working on a total of 12 hectares of vineyards scattered in various regions of Bairrada from the study of differences in soil, microclimates, sun exposure, age of the vine, planting density, pruning and varied works of viticulture ... I feel that today I am privileged to have created a knowledge base that allows me to understand the wonderful puzzle that our region offers.The latest addition to the range is a fortified wine from Baga and fortified with grape spirit distilled from the Baga grape.”



  • 3780-017 Amoreira de Gandara
  • Portugal
00351 961 859 883
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