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Cockburn's Port

The latest addition to the Cockburn’s & Co family is the Symington Family. The Symingtons’ ancestry in Port goes back 5 generations and can also be traced, through their great grandmother, back 14 generations to the birth of the Port trade. They have owned Cockburn’s since 2006 and are responsible for all its winemaking. With the Symington family, Cockburn’s has come back under the ownership of one family. As one of the most important families in Port and the largest owners of vineyards in the Douro region, Cockburn’s could not be in better hands.

When the family acquired Cockburn’s the natural thing to do was hold a celebration. So they arranged a vertical tasting of all Cockburn’s Vintage Ports dating back to the late 19th century at the Factory House in Porto. Many of the world’s top wine journalists came. The idea was to get back to Cockburn’s roots, for the family to discover what made Cockburn’s great. And guess what – they found the secret in a bottle of old Vintage Port.
Joao Vasconcelos
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