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Real Companhia Velha: History In A Glass

Founded in 1756 by Royal Charter of Dom José I, King of Portugal, Real Companhia Velha is the oldest wine company in Portugal and is closely linked to the history of Port wine.

Real Companhia Velha was established with two purposes:

  1. to develop the Port market worldwide and
  2. to be the regulatory body for the Port industry.

To achieve these dual objectives, the company created the very first demarcated and controlled wine appellation in the world, with strict rules to govern the production and trade of the region’s wines.

Since 1960, Real Companhia Velha has been run by the Silva Reis family, who have proudly kept the company’s heritage as a Port producer with a strong focus on aged Tawny Ports. The family have studied the Douro terroir and its indigenous grapes, and have been pioneers in the field of innovation with non-fortified wines.

With a large stock of very old Ports and centuries of experience in the art of blending, Real Companhia Velha is a specialist in Fine Aged Tawnies.

Masterclass time: 11.00, Bishop Partridge Room

Wines to be tasted:

  1. Royal Oporto Colheita 2012
  2. Royal Oporto Colheita 2004
  3. Royal Oporto Colheita 1980
  4. Royal Oporto Colheita 1977
  5. Quinta das Carvalhas Colheita 1976
  6.  Royal Oporto Very Very Old Tawny 1927
  7. Quinta das Carvalhas Colheita Very Very Old Tawny 1867

 Please note that the application process for spaces at this masterclass has now closed.