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Masterclass: Moscatel de Setúbal, An Historic Fortified Wine

Moscatel de Setúbal and Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal have been grown on this peninsula just south of Lisbon for around 3,000 years. Records indicate the wines were traded by the Phoenicians across the Mediterranean, were imported to England by Richard II in the 1300s, shipped east to India and China in the 1400-1500s and drunk in the Court of the Sun King in the 1600s – described as “the Sun in a bottle”.

Tom Surgey will lead us through the history and classifications of these historic wines, illustrating the impact of barrel and bottle aging and of the winemaker’s interpretation of the two main grapes used in the production of DO Moscatel de Setúbal.

Masterclass time: 12.45, Bishop Partridge Room

Wines to be tasted:

  1. Adega de Pegões: Encostas da Arrábida Moscatel Roxo 2015
  2. Adega Camolas: Moscatel Superior 5 years 2014 - Barrel Age (Port wine barrels)
  3. Adega de Palmela: 10 Anos
  4. Venâncio da Costa Lima: Moscatel de Setúbal Reserve 2009
  5. Sociedade Vinícola de Palmela: SVP Superior 20 anos
  6. José Maria da Fonseca: Alambre Moscatel de Setúbal 20 Anos
  7. Bacalhôa: Moscatel Roxo Superior 20 Anos, 2002
  8. Quinta do Piloto: Moscatel Roxo Coleção de Família – only 20 bottles released each year

 Please note that the application process for spaces at this masterclass has now closed.