Tutored Tastings

Masterclasses at the b.f.t. 2018

Places for all masterclasses have now been allocated and all applicants advised whether or not they have a place. If you have applied for a place and not had the outcome, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check. We expect a small number of places to become available on the day. Please enquire when you arrive.

Please note that we will be providing the names of everyone attending to the masterclass host. We will not share your email address with them unless you have given permission generally for your data to be shared with producers.  Due to the overwhelming demand, places for the masterclasses were allocated by ballot.


11 am, Hoare Memorial Hall

The Golden Ages of Taylor's Tawny (FULL)

Adrian Bridge (CEO of the Fladgate Partnership) will give an introductory talk about the production of port in the Douro region and the effect climate has on the wines that are made. He will follow this with a tutored tasting of Taylor’s tawnies comparing and contrasting Aged Tawnies and Single Harvest Tawnies.

12 midday, Bishop Partridge Hall

Colheita Madeira, sponsored by the IVBAM (FULL)

The wines of Madeira have been made and exported for almost 600 years, but wines with the designation “Colheita” have been marketed for just 20. Colheita Madeira are a top quality and versatile expression of this thrilling volcanic terroir. They are produced from a single vintage, but undergo shorter ageing than the minimum 20 years required for super-premium ‘Frasqueira’ (reserve vintage) Madeira. The regulations require a minimum of 5 years in wooden barrels. In practice, most Colheita are bottled after 10-20 years.

Colheitas Madeira combines complexity and approachability. The style allows producers to release top quality wines to market slightly earlier than the Frasqueiras, and to show an alluring and younger face of Madeira’s most prized canteiros.

Led by Sarah Abbott MW, this tutored tasting includes a fascinating range of vintages, grape varieties, wine styles and sweetness, and producers.

The wines to be tasted are:
2005 Tinta Negra, Borges
2002 Sercial, Blandy’s
2000 Boal, Henriques & Henriques
1997 Malvasia, Justino’s
1996 Tinta Negra, Barbeito
1994 Verdelho, Oliveiras

You can read the detailed regulations for Colheita Madeira here.

1 pm, Hoare Memorial Hall

Niepoort Vinhos - Dawn of a New Vintage (FULL)

Dirk Niepoort will present a masterclass on the art of blending a new vintage port. Blending a vintage port is the wine world’s equivalent to composing a harmonious symphony.

Starting with 8 different component wines, Dirk will lead the masterclass through the blending process to compare the result with the final blends of the Niepoort and Niepoort Bioma 2017 wines, which will be submitted to the IVDP for approval in 2019.

1. Component 1
2. Component 2
3. Component 3
4. Component 4
5. Component 5
6. Component 6
7. Component 7
8. Component 8
9. Niepoort 2017 vintage port cask sample
10. Niepoort Bioma 2017 vintage port cask sample

3 pm, Bishop Partridge Hall

Barbeito Madeira - New Challenges and Projects: A View From 1981 to 2017 (FULL)

Barbeito invite you to enjoy a tutored tasting demonstrating the evolution of their wines by comparing pairs of three grape varieties of the most recent vintage against an older example of the same variety. And to showcase the best of their wines, Barbeito are including three of their frasqueira Madeira.

1. Tinta Negra 2017 (sample)
2. Tinta Negra 20 Years Old – Ribeiro Real – Medium Sweet
3. Sercial 2017 (sample)
4. Sercial 1988 – MEF – Frasqueira
5. Bastardo 2016 (sample)
6. Avô Mário - Bastardo 50 Years Old - Medium Sweet
7. Verdelho 1981 – Ribeiro Real – Frasqueira
8. Boal 1995 – Frasqueira

4 pm, Hoare Memorial Hall

Sandeman Port - Presented by George Sandeman and Luís Sottomayor (FULL)

Featuring a specially selected vertical tasting of some of the finest vintages from the Sandeman Cellar, George and Luís will take you through each vintage and their evolution and how they have helped inform the winemaking choices of the latest release.

1. Vintage 1963
2. Vintage 1968
3. Vintage 1977
4. Vintage 2000
5. Vintage 2003
6. Vintage 2007
7. Vintage 2011
8. Vintage 2016