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Poças Vinhos - The Magic of Ageing - A Tutored Masterclass

André Barbosa, head winemaker at Poças Vinhos, will lead participants through a selection of the tools and techniques available to a wine maker and blender as he chooses how to age his wines. This masterclass will show the magic of the cellar as choices are made whether to age in bottle, small casks or large balseiros. The final flight of the masterclass will highlight the skill required of the winemaker and blender as they put together the wine to be bottled.

Date: 31st March 2022

Time: 11:30am

Venue: Church House, Westminster (The Bishop Partridge Room)

First Flight

  1. 2011 LBV bottled in 2015
  2. 2011 Colheita cask sample
  3. 2008 Colheita cask sample

Second Flight

  1. 2006 Colheita Coopers Limited Edition – aged in small casks
  2. 2006 Colheita Coopers Limited edition – aged in large balsiero

Third Flight

  1. 1996 Colheita cask sample – aged in small casks
  2. 1996 Colheita cask sample – final blend stored in small balsiero
  3. 1996 Colheita, final blend bottled in December 2021