BFT Masterclasses 2019

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We are delighted to be bringing another packed programme of tutored tastings to the Big Fortified Tasting this year. Hosted by some of the most renowned individuals in their respective fields, we are dleighted to have 4 masterclasses that span a broad range of fortified wine styles. Places at each of these masterclasses are limited and will be offered by ballot. You can request a place at any or all of these events by placing your name on the application list. We will be running a waiting list in the event of any cancellations, so please do keep an eye on your email as the show approaches and on the day itself, even if you have not secured a place in the first wave of allocations.

All requests for a place registered before 10pm on Sunday 7th April will be entered in the ballot.

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How to request a place:

• You must already have registered for the bft. If you do not know your password, please simply request a new one.
• Please log in to the bft (You must be logged in to view the Masterclass information.)
• You can now request a place at any of the masterclasses.






An Exploration of Andalusia


Winemaking has been an occupation in Andalusia for nearly 3,000 years. The Phoenicians traded in wine produced near Jerez, the Greeks drank the wine, the Romans celebrated with it and the Moors allowed grape cultivation to continue for culinary use.

Sherry from the villages around Jerez is the region’s fortified wine most often seen in the UK, but Sherry and Manzanilla come in many styles and forms. Alongside the wines from Jerez are wines from inland Montilla-Moriles, which may be unfortified, and from the more coastal region of Málaga which has a well-deserved reputation for its fortified sweet dessert wines.

César Saldaña from Spain’s oldest Consejo Regulador of the Denomination of Origin, invites you to join him to discover a sample of the wines from Andalusia covering Manzanilla, Sherry, Málaga and Montilla-Moriles.



The Wonderful World of Kopke's White Ports


Described by Julia Harding in 2016 as having a treasure trove of older White Ports, Kopke are delighted to present, for the first time in the UK, a selection of special wines from their current stocks and their archives to allow you a glimpse of the versatility and unique nature of these exceptional, unusual wines and their rightful place in history.

This masterclass will be presented by Carlos Alves (Winemaker and Master Blender for Sogevinus) and João Belo (International Business Manager).



Madeira - The Winemaker’s Signature


Born with the name of a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, in the XIV century, Madeira Wine is all about history!

There are endless stories to be told about this unique wine through almost 6 centuries of existence. From the famous turn-around-trip to the Indies, during which the wine was enriched, gaining great fame and prestige in Europe; to the attention and appreciation it captured from noble personalities such as William Shakespeare, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill. Madeira has been tasted and enjoyed all over the five continents.

It has travelled all around the world and showed an admirable ability to encounter different cultures and markets such as America, where it was particularly admired and sought after during the celebrations marking its Independence; the United Kingdom, where several tales and stories are said about this wine, and many other markets. Its diversity and versatility contribute to the many occasions at which it can be consumed, and the many foods it can be paired with.

Its very special characteristics are the result of a perfect combination of the grape varieties, the soil where they are cultivated, the climate and the unique production process where the wine is affected either by the natural temperature fluctuations of the climate as it matures in barrel (the “Canteiro” method of maturation), or by deliberate heating techniques (known as “Estufagem”) that have been practiced since 1794. But most importantly, these are great wines, because of the persistence of the Madeira Wine producers that strive to maintain and improve the quality of this vibrant, complex and exciting wine that is the longest-lived wine in the world!

Led by Rubina Vieira from the Madeira Wine Institute, this tutored tasting includes a fascinating range of wines.



 Sandeman Late Bottled Vintage Port


Featuring a specially selected vertical tasting of some of the finest Late Bottled Vintage Ports from the Sandeman wine archive. Luís will guide you through each vintage, discussing the difference in the characteristics the wine acquires from being held in the barrel for an extra 2-4 years before late bottling.

This masterclass will be presented by Luís Sottomayor, Head Winemaker of Sogrape Vinhos.

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