Emilio Lustau Palo Cortado, Almacenista Cayetano del Pino

This Palo Cortado proceeds from a small “solera” of just 22 casks. Bright old gold in colour with amber reflections. Pungent nose, with intense nutty aromas. Velvety and round on the palate, with a glyceric touch. Endless on the mouth, with a comforting aftertaste.


  • Spain

Comments (2)

  • Paul Howard

    Paul Howard

    15 April 2021 at 14:34 |
    A really good Palo cortado that will be written up as part of a wider Palo Cortado article in the next month or two. I assume this is a different solera at Cayetano del Pino to the one that supplies Sanchez Romate? Regardless, Lustau is always a sherry brand I can rely on to deliver excellence!


    • Alex Bridgeman

      Alex Bridgeman

      20 April 2021 at 14:56 |
      In 2014 Lustau’s winemaker selected 22 casks from the Cayetana del Pino Solera of Palo Cortado. These casks are exclusive to Lustau, so their organoleptic characteristics are unique as Lustau controls the running of this tiny solera. Lustau have specifically looked for a more elegant and saline expression of Palo Cortado. The character of each casks is unique and the location of the casks is key.