Welcome to the Big Fortified Tasting

The Big Fortified Tasting Returns – 31st March 2022

We are currently planning the b.f.t. 2022 at Church House, Westminster and looking forward to being able to bring you  a wide range of Port, Sherry, Madeira and Australian fortified wines to try and a chance, once again, to meet the producers of these fantastic wines. 



 Visitors say:

Jancis Robinson
"More promising, potentially, is the Big Fortified Tasting, the massive showcase of fortified wines held every year in London, which is so unusually comprehensive that professionals fly in from all over Europe."

"My feeling, at the BFT, after tasting so many magnificent sherries - Spain's most distinctive category of wine by far - is that not just consumers but winemakers from all over the world should fly to London to take advantage of the extraordinary diversity of styles, ages and sweetness levels on show there."

Sarah Abbott MW
“I don’t know of any other show that has exactly this angle. You can see how engaging and interesting it is because you see the quality of the people who come. It’s a really unmissable event for the trade.”

Tony Carter, Vintage Wine & Port
“It’s such a pleasure to see it back on the calendar. The day has been absolutely stunning…We’ve seen a lot of the 2016 vintage releases, which is particularly interesting to us as a buyer…”

Anthony Habert, Carnival UK
"Some really surprising and really interesting Ports and a few Sherries too that we hadn’t previously considered. It’s really great to be able to see all of those wines as one collection.”

Dylan Rowlands, Gwin Dylanwad Wines
“It’s a fabulous chance to try the different styles. I need to educate myself so I can educate my customers. I can learn here and put them on the bar. We can have a selection of different fortified wines and give people the chance to try them – and people love them when they have a chance to try them.”

Exhibitors say:

Filipe Cardoso, SIVIPA
“It’s giving our energy to people who are interested in our kind of product. The Big Fortified Tasting is the best place to promote our fortified wines.”

Faye Welsby, Raymond Reynolds
“We meet new prospects and get interesting conversations going with people who know of our wines but haven’t had the chance to experience them in such depth before.”

Johnny Symington, Symington Family Estates
“We have everybody here. All the top buyers come, we have sommeliers, the on trade, the off trade, top retailers, top restaurants, top hotels. It’s an absolutely fabulous event…it’s so specialist, it is all fortified producers.”

Adrian Bridge, The Fladgate Partnership
“It’s very important to have a focused event like this. We’ve seen a lot of Press today and a lot of Trade.... Getting down to the b.f.t. gives you a single day of a really concentrated run through a very exciting wine category. I urge people to visit the event and I urge producers to be present.”

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